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Dec 14, 2022

We’ve been in Studio A for a calendar year now, and in that year, we’ve been busy.

You’ve heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, and in a similar fashion, it’s time for the 12 Days of Studio A: some of the highlights from the first full year in our studio where we’ve grown, learned, and felt at home.

The Signing

The moment many business owners dream of: signing the lease of their dream location. Since Rich began Akullian Creative, he had been working for this moment. Thanks to the Anderson Group, we have been able to move into our location at 110 Wolf Road and customized Suite 101 to get the most out of our space for our needs. 

Signing the lease was the absolute beginning of our time at Studio A, so of course we needed to snap some photos.  

The Move

It took a few days before our studio felt like home, after all, most office spaces don’t come with couches or shrubbery on the walls. 

We worked long and hard on the customizations we made to our space, transforming it into the creative space we need: 

The Tours

It’s customary at Studio A for guests to get a tour the first time they arrive, and Rich’s parents got a special first look back in January.

We’ve had many visitors in Studio A throughout the year, but don’t take our word for it, see some of our pictures:

The Money Putts

Some things never change. When we moved into our new space, we brought our putter and bowl of golf balls with us to continue this tradition unlike any other. The rules are simple: on Friday at 5PM if you’re in the office you get one putt, if you make it, you’ve become $101 richer. Here are some of the highlights from the year in Money Putts.

When Rich hits a Money Putt, the $101 goes to charity. Here are some organizations that Akullian Creative has donated the money from our putts this year:

The Setups

There is a lot of work to make a shot look good other than putting on the lens and pressing record. Whether it’s a brand photoshoot, video interview, b-roll for a voiceover or anything in between, we always take the time to make sure our sets look great in the final product.

To honor all the work we’ve done in Studio A to make everything look good in front of the camera, here are some behind-the-scenes shots from this year:

Two of our favorite setups this year come from the interview set for Craig the Leg, a film the Aces are working on featuring Albany’s very own Craig Peterson, and the shoot in Studio A for Acoustic‘s sales kickoff. Check them out here:

The Video Shoots

We specialize in telling your story through custom video production built to be shared at key moments with your important audiences. We are thrilled to have so many incredible clients we work with to produce content for. Here are some finished products we’ve put together in Studio A this year:

Of course we can’t forget about our very own Akullian Creative brand video from this spring:

The Photoshoots

Every great brand needs great visuals to help tell their story. We had a great time in our studio working on the Milady brand video which included a colorful photoshoot. Here are some of the highlights:

With all these cameras laying around, it’s hard not to jump in front of them sometimes.

The Recording Sessions

Although we like to show the beautiful faces of our subjects talking on camera, there are some instances when we need to turn to our vocal booth to get the job done with voice tracks. 

With some prop wooden frames we used in our promo reel and extra audio ceiling panels, we have built a sound isolation booth from scratch that is approved by our creative partner and local audio engineer: Julia Norelli. Stay tuned for more from our professional voice over studio, Studio V. For more on the audio equipment we have in Studio A, read our blog highlighting our gear.

The Onewheel Rides

Some companies have vehicles with their logo on the side, which is great, but we took a different route than the traditional company car. The Onewheel is a part of who we are as a company. They help us get around when we’re getting footage in the field and make it easy for us to run errands on Wolf Road. 

Check out some highlights from our newest employees Danny and Sophia taking out the company vehicle, the Onewheel, for the first time. 

Rich can ride the Onewheel with his eyes closed (but he doesn’t, that’s dangerous), and we found out after the Craig the Leg shoot, that he can play football on it as well. If the Onewheel community ever starts a football league, we will be in touch.

The Illustrations, Animations and Designs

We specialize in all things video, animation and design, and as a result, need some illustrations of ourselves to match our expertise. The Little Aces are a fun way to display ourselves on social media that show off our creative abilities. See some of our favorite designs we’ve created in Studio A here:

The Merch and Props

Some of the projects we get hired for include building culture within a company, and in order to do that, we make a lot of merchandise that reflect their respective brands. 

To make all this happen, we use our Cricut Maker 3, a perfect way for us to design and create our very own merch and props in Studio A with our own hands. Thanks to our friends at Cricut for making such a great tool that makes our lives so much easier.

The Team

We added some new team members this summer to give us a talented team of storytelling professionals. Noah Miller is our Marketing Account Coordinator, Sophia Eifler is our Social Media Marketing Coordinator and Danny Passante is the Writer and Storyteller at Akullian Creative. All of the new Aces joined the team within a few weeks of each other and are a part of the journey of our new space. 

Make sure to read our blog on the new Aces and watch the video below to meet our full team!

Studio A has allowed us to take a huge step forward in what we want to be able to accomplish: anything. Our production studio has brought us a level of confidence that comes with being a new tenant on Wolf Road, further establishing ourselves as creative leaders.  

We are excited to be in a space that we know we can grow together in. Going into our second year at Studio A, we know we will always have a place to feel at home in and return to deliver the best video, animation and design projects in the Albany area and beyond.

Be a part of our story in 2023! Chat with us today!