Meet Our New Creative Aces

Akullian Creative

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Akullian Creative on

Aug 2, 2022

At Akullian Creative, we are excited to present the newest Aces to the team! There are not one, or two, but three new Ace’s faces in Studio A who are ready to bring the creativity you need in your video, animation and design projects. 

Dan Passante

Story Production Assistant

Ithaca College

Dan Passante

After graduating with a degree in Sports Media from the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College, Dan became an Ace two weeks later. In college, Dan focused on journalism and broadcasting. A native of the Hudson Valley, Dan is the story-teller extraordinaire that will be bringing the shizzle to narratives and generating content. When he’s not at Studio A, you can catch Dan listening to his favorite indie-rock bands or obsessing over the future Super Bowl champion Buffalo Bills and their inevitable dominance of the entire NFL on their way to football immortality (can you tell he wrote his own bio?). 

Sophia Eifler

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

University at Albany

Sophia Eifler

Sophia is a local of Albany now, but she’s originally from Germany, and after sending a highlight video to UAlbany, she was recruited to come to the U.S. to play Division I soccer. Since earning an M.A. in communication, Sophia has added becoming an Ace to her resume. When she’s not working with clients or managing social media accounts, Sophia loves traveling, skiing, snowboarding and hiking. In the world of soccer, when she’s not on the field and playing, Sophia is of course a fan of FC Bayern Munich. Moving forward, Sophia is excited to be a part of the young, ambitious and creative team that has been put together on Wolf Road. 

Noah Miller

Marketing Account Coordinator

Houghton University

Noah Miller

Noah puts together the systems and strategies that Akullian Creative brings to every project the team works on. While he was in college, Noah began a design agency, which was one of the first profitable student-run businesses on campus. Noah is a self-described “sports nerd” whose loyalty is to the Indianapolis Colts. Noah is excited to be taking trips from his home in Glenmont to Studio A to work with the Akullian team and produce great things for clients, who will as a result be creating great things for their customers.