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Rich aka Ace
Rich (Ace) Akullian
Captain. Storyteller.
Kelly Morrow
Strategist. Marketer.
Sydney Wright
Social. Marketer.
Esther Jewett
Design Lead. Illustrator.
Joan Medina
Photographer. Colorist.
Yousef Abdelmagid
Designer. Animator.
Isabel Hosley
Social Media Intern.
Patris Joanidhi
Social. Intern.
Kaylee Sterns
Designer. Illustrator.
Anne Lin
Designer. Animator.
Andrew Celmins
Filmmaker. Producer.

Sydney is the office wine snob. Her favorite kind of wine is Caymus.

Esther is a competitive bowler. Her highest score is 274.

Rich recently completed the 180vsME 6 month training program during COVID.

Yousef has never lost a chess match. Especially not to Rich.

Andrew truly kills it at Akullian. No really, he has a black belt. He could kill you.

Anne is extremely lactose intolerant, yet refuses to give up cheese stuffed foods.

Kelly's hands are so small, she still uses children scissors.

Show Heart. Support Dreams.
Share Smiles. Spread Wisdom.
We make it a goal to give back to our community.
Blue Toys For Tots Logo
The logo for Emma's Army, a charity organization for a young girl with a rare form of cancer
Charities we support - Things of my Very Own
Charities we support - The Make A Wish Foundation
Charities we support - the Texas Baptist Children's Home
Charities we support - Community Hospice
Two creatives sitting at a glass table with video gear
A videographer holding a gimbal to shoot a 'How To' video for an e-commerce video
Two young blonde business women in fall fashions
Our graphic designers and our creative director, all wearing blue
Video producer holding a gimbal and standing on a ladder to get the perfect b-roll shots
A group of girls at a college graduation ceremony
A miniature version of the Onewheel outside on mulch
A group of video producers speaking to a client in New York City
A blonde girl holding a Sony FS5 camera while a man films video with a gimbal in front of a sculpture in Tampa, FL
Behind the scenes of a 'How To' video series for Gettysburg Flag, an e-commerce business
A pencil with colorful shavings around it, photo taken in-house at Akullian Creative
Part of the Akullian Creative team dressed up for a dinner at the Ritz-Carlton in Tampa, FL
A young blonde woman looking sideways with a Santa Barbara beach behind her
A group of creatives dressed up for a Roaring 20's party
Some of our team members competing in the annual Toys for Tots Golf Tournament
Two videographers using a Sony camera to shoot testimonial videos for an elementary school
Some of our team members shooting video for the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL
A photographer, filmmaker, storyteller, and social media consultant posing in front of fall colored flowers
Two of our team members dressed up for the LogicMonitor 2019 sales conference
"ACE" white wooden letters on a blue background
A CEO giving an entrepreneurship presentation to students of a private school in Albany, NY
The Akullian Creative team in their new office building before renovations
A young girl smiling while holding a Sony a7rii camera and shooting footage for a client testimonial
Part of the Akullian Creative team at the LogicMonitor Sales Kickoff in Austin, TX
A video producer setting up Aperture lighting equipment for a shoot at a bakery
A graphic designer and animator holding a cookie cake with her nickname "Anne-mation"
A videographer taking b-roll shots using a gimbal for a prestigious elementary school
Blonde woman holding a Sony FS5 camera in Tampa, FL
A video producer/filmmaker editing clips using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects
A young blonde woman posing for a headshot in front of the Albany Capital buildings
A camera man on set with a Sony a7rii camera, headset, and microphone
A scrabble board with the words "passion," "intelligence," "creativity," and "Akullian" written across it
A man and woman posing at UAlbany's graduation ceremony
A business owner and graphic design looking at a design portfolio, an overhead shot
A close-up onewheel shot with Akullian Creative stickers on it in a parking lot
Two creatives dressed up in suits for a 20's themed party in front of a gold backdrop
Graphic designers, storytellers, marketers, social media experts, and digital strategists posing in front of fall colored flowers

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