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Nov 8, 2022

We love showing off Studio A, but there are some projects where we need to bring Studio A to the client.

Akullian Creative had a busy October, ending with a road trip from Albany to Niagara Falls for the 44th Annual PEF Convention. The Public Employees Federation, or PEF, represents over 50,000 workers in New York state. 

The Aces packed up our professional audio and video equipment and began the voyage across New York with two missions: 

  1. Tell the story of the convention through video and photos
  2. Create content that shows off company culture

It’s normal for someone to “do social media” for other companies, but it’s not easy to create something that is engaging beyond the people who attend the event. Since Akullian Creative tells your story, we were excited to show off our latest ideas on selling culture content that will remain relevant for a long time.


After seeing the Tottenham Hotspurs try to roll a quarter into the prongs of a fork, there was no need to reinvent the wheel. Before we sold this idea to PEF, we had to try it for ourselves: 

When we posted this video, it looked like we were just having a fun afternoon in the office (which we were), but believe it or not, this was part of our research for the convention. 

We had two main takeaways: 

  1. Rolling quarters on a glass table is harder than it looks 
  2. Taking your time doesn’t lead to an advantage. 

Through these experiences, we had something tangible to bring to PEF beyond an idea.


Once we arrived at the Niagara Falls Convention Center, it was time to put our plans into action. Photos, videos, our TikTok idea and any other key stories that needed to be told guided us through the convention. Here’s a few of the best photos we captured from the convention:


After the event was over, we had some great content to share with PEF, including the “Quarter-Fork Challenge.”

We applied what we discovered from our test video to make PEF’s version smoother. First, you’ll notice the table is not glass and includes a strip of vinyl down the middle leading to the fork. We also put a foam border around the table to prevent quarters from rolling off the sides. Finally, we brought a 30-second timer and gave players a pile of quarters to speed up the game. 

The results: more people made it and more people had the chance to play, a win for us and PEF. 

This video highlights the most genius aspects of culture videos from TikTok: the scale is much bigger than the convention. A video like this one is a valuable piece of content for recruitment, retention, awareness and is very sharable for all social media platforms. 

Another key piece of content we delivered was a “Thank You” video to Governor Kathy Hochul on behalf of PEF nurses: 

Following the convention, we brought our quarters and forks back to Wolf Road where they will be ready for the next opportunity to sell company culture. We look forward to the next chance to sell culture, whether that means packing up our coins, or something new. 

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