A Night at June Farms…

Lighting up the night with Saint Gregory’s School.

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Sep 20, 2021

Our team recently attended the annual Saint Gregory’s School Gala at June Farms. Through ticket sales, auction items, and the generous support of their community, The Gala makes it possible for Saint Gregory’s School to be one of the most successful private schools in the Albany Area. It was an honor for us to capture every moment at this beautiful event, and we are thrilled to have left Saint Gregory’s School with memories to cherish forever.

Though there were hundreds of photos taken, we want to share with you a handful of our favorites…

Interested in seeing more pictures? Check out the Saint Gregory’s School Facebook page to see photos from the whole evening.

It was such a privilege to capture this incredible event in all its glory. Here at Akullian Creative, we cover everything from photography to marketing plans with ample experience working with local businesses and schools. Chat with us today if you’re interested in our services!