4 Marketing Content Tips (Nov. 2021)

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Sep 14, 2021

It’s that time again! Here are our 4 Marketing Tips that are guaranteed to help you with your company’s exposure. Grabbing attention from your potential customers is vital in gaining a good following. When people know your brand and everything you represent, they are much more likely to use your company in the future. Over the many years we have been doing marketing, we have gathered numerous tips and tricks that have helped us out. Here, we have compiled them for you so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we once did.

  1. Video production can set you apart from competition.

Tip: Plan it out. 

Planning is very important for good quality video production. Prior to filming, you’ll want to write a script, draw out a storyboard, and create a shot list to maintain the locations in which you are filming at. Even if you’re filming a small video, pre-production planning is crucial. Failure to complete this process may result in a domino effect on the whole production causing you to waste time and money. After all, the consequences of lack of planning cannot always be corrected post-production.

  1. Showcase your brand and who you are.

Tip: Create an “Our Story” page on your website.

Creating this type of page opens up an opportunity for you to improve your branding strategy. This allows you to connect with consumers and relate to the people who are already interested in your product/offerings. Since something clearly sent them to your website, this is a great page to inspire them to stay. This page will be one of the most important on your whole website. Use this page as an opportunity to build credibility and trust within your brand. Unless you are a part of a large, well-known company, it may take some convincing for your customers. The goal of this page should be to eliminate any potential fears the customer may have and show them that you are a legitimate company with a lot to offer.

  1. Design is a large aspect of grabbing attention.

Tip: Use a small color scheme.

Obviously, color scheme is a very important part of graphic design. It’s something that catches the eye and stands out as a main component of the advertisement. Additionally, it’s important to note how some colors instill specific feelings in your audience, so choosing the right color might make or break the response to the design. Certain warmer tones like red, yellow, and orange give off a specific energy typically encompassing passionate, energetic, and comfortable feelings. In contrast, cooler colors like blue, green, and purple may make your audience feel more calm, tranquil, and at peace. Use colors depending on the message you’re sending and the feelings in which you hope your audience has when viewing your ad. Stick with colors that go well together and limit yourself to a select few.

  1. Every business needs a strong marketing strategy.

Tip: Link to other websites with relevant content.

Internal linking is extremely important for many different reasons. In the competitive world we live in today, it’s becoming harder than ever to rank in Google. However, one step that directly helps your SEO includes internal linking. Here, you will link to other relevant websites and they will link to you. This makes numerous entry points onto your website and will ultimately help you drive traffic to your website. Linking to other websites helps the architecture of your website and helps your website to rank amongst others. If you’re having trouble with knowing what to link and where, Moz is a great tool to use.

Making the perfect marketing plan for your business shouldn’t be stressful or difficult. If you feel the need to outsource your marketing, then stick it to people who know all the ins and outs. Here at Akullian Creative, we make this process easy and specifically tailored to your business’ needs.