4 Marketing Content Tips (Oct. 2021)

Have a few aces up your sleeve.

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Sep 13, 2021

Creating great marketing content for your business can be tough – but it’s a good thing we have a few Aces up our sleeve to help you out. Here are our monthly insights on how to improve your marketing, video production, design, and branding.

1. Marketing Strategy: I mean, quite possibly the most important.

Tip: Write for humans first, search engines second.

It can be tempting to write everything according to your search engine optimization plan, but when it comes down to it, you’re not trying to sell to Google, you’re trying to sell to Joe Shmo in Albany, NY. While it is important to use specific keywords and descriptions, it might not get you as far as you think. In fact, in 2021 research shows that keywords are not the most important factor in SEO, so your SEO plan shouldn’t rely on them for success. Since SEO is changing constantly, it’s vital that you write to your consumers and not just to a search engine.

2. Video Production: Can you hear that? No? Oh yeah because you don’t have the right microphone.

Tip: Choose the right tool (microphone) for the project.

I mean let’s be honest – what’s a video without sound? When getting into video production, it’s important to avoid coming off as an amateur with poor recording quality. If you’re shooting a sit-down interview or a video with the talent continuously walking around, you’ll want to use lapel or lavaliere microphones since they’re both hands-free. If you’re recording bigger shots, it makes more sense to use a microphone or boom setups. If you’re planning on shooting from a smartphone, it’s a good idea to invest in microphones that improve the sound quality gathered by your phone.

3. Graphic Design: It’s possible that your designs lack some creativity.

Tip: Limit your typefaces.

To be quite frank, no one is going to read your advertisement with a paragraph smack dab in the middle of it. Today, consumers like to be hooked with enticing imagery, short words, and engaging content. I mean, Twitter has a character limit for a reason… When selecting your typefaces, make sure you’re using fonts optimal for simple and effective graphic design. If you want your audience to read it, then stick to one or two fonts. The eye finds it difficult to scan multiple typefaces, so in this sense, simplicity if your friend.

4. Branding: What’s a company without a brand? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

Tip: Clearly identify yourself and what makes you different.

There is so much competition out there, and it gets more and more competitive everyday. With that being said, you have to properly position your brand in the market. What is one of the ways in which you do this? Start by taking something unique about your business and hone in on it. When it comes down to it, you’re not selling a product, you’re not selling a service, you’re selling a brand. If people are behind your mission, they will buy your products. In short, people want to know people. That’s it. People want to know why you started your business, what your business offers, and why your business is superior to the other loads of competition.

For more tips and tricks, tune in to see our featured monthly ‘4 Tips’ blog on everything from video production to digital marketing. Have a chat with us to see how these tips can fit into your business plan.