4 Marketing Content Tips (Dec. 2021)

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Sep 20, 2021

Arguably, marketing is one of the most important and impactful things you can do for your business. Yes, things like financial planning, strategic management, and product development are important as well, but all in all, the way in which you actually sell your product will make or break your business’ success. Marketing allows you to engage with your customers and build loyal relationships. After all, if you have a good following, you will sell significantly more. As we come upon the holiday season, here are some helpful tips for your business’ marketing strategy. Let’s take a look.

  1. Considering video production?

Tip: Hit the lights!

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of video production. In reality, light, or lack thereof, can ruin a shot. With light comes the inevitable issue of under or over exposure. The exposure is the overall brightness or darkness of a video or photograph. The more you expose your camera or film to the light, the lighter the image/video will be. However, if it’s too light, then it will be over-exposed. Same goes for a lack of light. Either of these issues will create video that is not clear or visually appealing. To fix this issue, consider using a three point lighting system to illuminate video subjects from numerous different angles.

  1. Do you have a strong brand?

Tip: Create a liquid experience.

When customers are shopping online, they want the process to be easy and the website to be user-friendly. This way, they don’t have to think too hard about how to make the purchase. Your website set-up should directly correlate to your target audience and your brand. The design of your website should fit your brand’s aesthetic and the products/services you offer. On the other side, your website should cater directly to your target audience. What I mean by that is if your target audience is ages 50+, you’re not going to want to make a flashy, confusing website. Instead, you’d want to make it more simplistic and easy to follow since people of that generation may be less accustomed to online shopping compared to younger generations. This could be as simple as creating a navigation bar. Creating this liquid experience on your site will help drive traffic to your website, and most importantly, keep it there. 

  1. Think about your current marketing strategy.

Tip: Make sure you have website analytics set up.

Regardless of the platform in which you’re building your website, make sure you have access to analytics. Looking into your website analytics will allow you to see things including (but not limited to) when people visit your site, what they look at, and how long they stay. From here, you can begin to understand patterns and then fix the issues at hand. For example, if you can see a high bounce rate from one of your website pages, there’s a chance that page is loading too slowly and people are getting impatient and leaving. Once you notice this, you can go back and optimize your page, so it’s faster and more efficient for your users. The same goes for social media. You can examine the analytics and see which posts are getting the most engagement and why, then base your future postings off those facts. Here’s an example of some of the things you can see from your website:

  1. Having trouble with graphic design?

Tip: Use fonts that fit the mood of your design.

For font’s sake, please follow this tip. Font is huge in design. The font used can make someone immediately uninterested, so making sure the font fits the design is vital. Even if you may not realize, font contributes immensely to mood. In fact, different fonts represent moods you may not consciously be aware of. Additionally, the font used can either make it easy for someone to read or challenging, so choosing one to fit your goal is vital. Tone is another huge aspect of fonts. It might sound crazy, but when you read specific fonts, you actually read them in the way you think they’d sound.

The font you choose is sure to evoke some emotion in the reader, so make sure whichever one you pick sends the right message. Here’s a list showing the top three fonts based on their said ‘personality trait and emotion’.

There are numerous important aspects of marketing, so even if you think you know all the ins and outs, there’s a good chance you may be missing something. Not only should you think about video production, branding, marketing, and design, but also about other aspects like search engine optimization, social media, and more. In this case, chatting with an expert may be beneficial in saving you money, time, and a headache.