From Studio A to Yankee Stadium: Award Winning Guerrilla Marketing

Dan Passante

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Dan Passante on

Mar 21, 2023

A Special Night at the ADDY Awards

The night was full of firsts, not just for us, but for the ADDY awards as well. Akullian Creative received not just one, but TWO “Judges Picks” along with a Silver ADDY award in the first year of the “Guerilla Marketing” category (formerly known as “non-traditional advertising.”) We are humbled to have received our first ever “Judge’s Picks” from Britania Weinstein and Nikhil Ghodke, but we couldn’t have done it without such a worthy story & partnership with our good friends and local musicians, Johnny 2 Phones & Hunna G.  

2023 CRAF ADDYs winners list

If there’s one thing Johnny and Aaron Judge have in common, it’s that they’re both great at getting “Back on Base” in Yankee Stadium. 

When Mr. 2 Phones came to the Aces with his newest song, we established a goal: get the new tune played at Yankee Stadium during games. With a name like “Back on Base” and a theme of perseverance, we could all see this goal was not far from achieving. All that was missing was a game plan.

Here’s the video we submitted to highlight the guerrilla marketing campaign:

A “simply brilliant” campaign

On the night of the ADDYs, the judges liked our submission for a few reasons. The budget was very low, the message was very positive and, let’s not forget, it worked! 

Here are some quotes from both judges that chose us for their Judge’s Pick played on the night of the ADDY awards:

It is a very well conceived campaign. The campaign uses reactions from strangers that you would come across on the street, collecting their impressions to go about achieving its goal. I thought it was simply brilliant.

Nikhil Ghodke

I think it’s a great example of how with no budget, you can still leverage the power of storytelling and public opinion to raise awareness and elicit a call to action among your desired audience.

Britania Weinstein

Everyone at Akullian Creative wanted to see this dream come to life, but the real reason for the success was Johnny’s fanbase: they wanted to see “Back on Base” be played in Yankee Stadium too. Without the outpour of support we were able to get from the 2 Phones Faithful, our campaign would have been all talk. 

For those of you keeping score at home, Akullian Creative now has three ADDY awards from projects with Johnny 2 Phones. The other two ADDYs came from the “22 and Confused” music video where the Aces won silver in the categories of Music Video Editing and Film and Video Editing

The next time you’re in Yankee Stadium, remember that you’re a game plan away from seeing your dreams come true.

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