Making a Great (Digital) First Impression for Businesses

8 Tips & Resources for Stronger Web & Social Profiles

Kelly Morrow

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Kelly Morrow on

Dec 14, 2020

A digital footprint is the digital trail that your business leaves behind on social media and the worldwide web. It represents your entire brand.

Consumers are online now more than ever. Google alone processes 3.5 billion searches per day. Go ahead and search your company name on Google. Are you on the first results page? Do the ratings and reviews for your business need attention? While you’re at it, look up all the keywords related to your business too and see how you rank.

If you need to vamp up your digital & social footprint, consider the following tips:

1. Audit Google Listings

Since Google is the #1 search engine worldwide, make sure your Google My Business listings are accurate. Include pictures, store hours, and multiple locations to enhance the user experience.

*Tip: This is the place where you can add updated COVID-19 hours and protocols, and include information on whether you are open, open for take out/curbside pickup, etc.

2. Update Website UX/UI

Your website is the backbone to user experiences, SEO rankings, and the social media ad auction. Some key website criteria to keep in mind are ease of use, load times, overall web design, and relevancy to what the user is looking for.

Quick Tips: Do you have a slow website? Compress image sizes so they load faster. Is your website outdated and needs a complete makeover? Request a quote for a custom-made website.

3. Closely Monitor Reviews

In a perfect world all of your business’s reviews would be 5 stars; however, it is often more important how you react to negative reviews. Closely monitor the ratings/reviews on all channels where your business has a presence. Mitigating any poor experiences quickly and professionally can be an opportunity to win back some customers and show future customers that you are positive and responsive.

4. Create Proper Social Headers

Make your social media look more professional with properly designed & spec’d headers. Utilize a uniform theme across all your social platforms so people know that they all belong to the same company.

Find an outline of all major social media header dimensions.

5. Put Your Business Out There

All this talk about social media specs brings me to my next point – get your company on as many social media platforms as possible and post consistently! This can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach prospecting customers.

Make sure your profiles are complete with bios/descriptions, website links, contact information, etc.

6. Customize Social Media URLs

By default, when you create a social media profile, 9 times out of 10 the URL to your profile will be a painfully long strain of numbers that is impossible for consumers to remember. The good news is that most social platforms allow you to customize your URL so prospects can find you more easily!

Read how to customize your URL on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Google My Business using these helpful links.

*Note: some social platforms will always make your URL link as (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest)

7. Engage in Social Conversations

Respond to comments on your social media posts, comment on threads related to your business’s keywords, engage in conversations on trending topics….the key here is to engage! This can put your company’s name out on the worldwide web and show consumers that you care about them (and that you have real employees, not just a robot response system).

8. Create Great Video Content

In a world of oversaturated feeds and short attention spans, videos are much more attractive and finger-stopping than static images or reading text. Utilize quality video content on your website and social media platforms to tell your brand story.

If videography is an elusive enigma to you, check out our video projects for Nationally-Recognized Universities, Sales Conferences, and the Presidential Keynote Speech and contact us for a quote!

Your digital footprint is the equivalent of a first impression for your business – make sure you are leaving the right one! For more guidance on how to improve your company’s online presence, get in touch with the experts at Akullian Creative.