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Feb 24, 2022

Our team at Akullian Creative has been growing and moving on to big things over the years. Our mission and vision hasn’t changed, but our team sure has. Our clientele and knowledge base is vastly expanding as we create more and more. As we look back over the years, we realize where we started and where we plan to go.

Our very first promo video… the best of 2016. Looks a little outdated, but hey, that was the prime of the time!

Okay so wasn’t too bad right? We’re getting the hang of it as the years progress. On to 2018!

Alright by 2020, we really had our sh*t together. Big jump from 2018, that’s for sure… Check it out!

And finally… the moment we’ve all been waiting for *hold the applause*… 2022! Here is our brand new, shiny promo video shot in one of the amazing Anderson office spaces. Our new HQ and Studio A is ready for new videos to come!

Just judging by our promo videos over the last six years, you can tell how much we’ve grown as a company. We are so grateful to have worked with all of these clients and are excited for the many more to come. At Akullian Creative, we are proud to tell your story. Our expertise in video production, animation, and design is sure to improve your digital footprint. Chat with us today to learn more!