4 Marketing Content Tips (March 2022)

Rich "Ace" Akullian

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Rich "Ace" Akullian on

Feb 23, 2022

Your luck has the chance to change this March. Rethinking your branding and marketing strategies not only gives you a fresh start, but a shot at reaching your business’ full potential. If you’ve ever wondered how companies and other social media presences gain so many followers, I’m going to let you in on some of their secrets. The main reason for their success is because they have a strong social presence and identity. Here are four tips on how to change your social-presence-luck.

1. Never leave your followers hanging.

Tip: Engagement is not just for lovers.

Engaging with your followers gives them the opportunity to connect with your brand. This is important because it will keep consumers from unfollowing and instead make them more likely to purchase your service or product. Engagement can be done in a variety of ways, but the simplest is following people back and replying to their comments. Don’t be afraid to follow someone back seconds after they follow you. You may think that it’ll scare them, but it will actually help them see that there’s a real person behind the brand interacting with them in real time. This goes for responding to comments as well. Even Nike makes a point of responding to relevant comments and they have thousands to weed through. It’s that personal touch that goes the extra mile and creates a presence with your followers. 

2. Keep with the times.

Tip: Be relevant.

If you want your audience to connect with your brand, you’re going to have to speak their language. Keeping up to date with what is happening socially can help your followers see that you’re more than just a company. Many social presences will create relatable memes, choose a social justice topic to address, or just use relevant lingo and hashtags. My one piece of advice with this is to know your audience so that you don’t run the risk of offending them… that’s a social presence you don’t want to be known for. 

3. Nobody likes a fake.

Tip: Be authentic.

Knowing your audience is really important because it allows you to be authentic in a way that still speaks to them. If you’ve been practicing tip #2 and keeping with the times then you know that being phony is not in right now. A good way to lose your audience is to try and market yourself so much that you actually fall away from who your brand is and what they stand for. One reason that often happens is from trying to reach too many different audiences at the same time. If you’re constantly using different language, image styles, and colors to appeal to various audiences then none of them will stick around for long. They want to know who the brand is so that they trust them. Being authentic will help your brand presence by allowing consumers to connect with you on a real level. Which brings me to my final tip…

4. Don’t make any drastic changes. 

Tip: Be consistent. 

Like I said before, if you’re constantly changing the language that you’re using, photo style, and color scheme to try and reach various audiences at the same time, none of them will stick around. It is better to know your target audience and stick with one brand style. This will create a well-rounded presence that your audience knows inside and out. If you plan on targeting a new market or changing your branding, do so gradually or make a reveal. No one wants to be blindsided by their favorite and most-trusted brand. 

Well there you have it. Four tips to make March your lucky month. Take the month to hone in on your social presence and then come back in April for more marketing tips to continue taking your brand to the next level. If you’re still struggling to get that branding right, contact us!