5 Investments We Made in Our Brand This Year

Practice what you preach.

Rich "Ace" Akullian

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Rich "Ace" Akullian on

Mar 29, 2020

The old proverb, “the shoemaker’s children go barefoot” can be applied to many professions, but it has definitely rang true at our creative agency in the past. We spend our days obsessing over our client’s content creation but ours ends up getting the short end of the stick. We love to create content ranging from creative videos for social media to keynote introduction videos, and brand design packages, but there’s just so much creativity and caffeine to go around. This year we wanted to make sure that we practiced what we preached and invested heavily in ourselves.

“The shoemaker’s children go barefoot.”

Old English Proverb

Here’s where we invested:

1) Building a Complete Brand Guide

Everything begins and ends with the brand guide. By investing significant time in our brand style guide we were able to assemble key elements which we rolled out across all of our new digital and print pieces.

Within our brand guide we included details that included naming our colors, including merchandise, and more.

Akullian Creative new brand guide

2) Launching a New Unique Web Home

We proudly launched our previous website back in 2016 and it held up really well for the last 4 years. The time was right to update our custom website to be as unique as we are.

Akullian Creative New Website

3) Building Our Media Stockpile

To support our new website we needed to build a great deal of quality media. We went to work collecting new headshots, behind the scenes, and a variety of candid photos to fill out our new site.

Behind the scenes and fun headshots from our rebrand

4) Social Media Enhancements

Quality takes time, and we’ve made the decision to build a social strategy focused on well thought out designs & layouts, especially on instagram. This has caused us to post less frequently, but we give a much better first impression on a day-to-day basis for our prospects.

Akullian Creative Instagram screenshot

5) Business Card Personalization

A business card should connect people and speak to not only the qualities of a company, but also to those of the person. To further highlight our individuals interests we made sure each person got to choose up to 5 of their icons. For printing, we’ve used Moo Luxe business cards from the beginning, definitely recommend!

Akullian Creative business cards

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