4 Marketing Content Tips (Jan. 2022)

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Jan 24, 2022

Developing a good marketing strategy for your business is possibly the best New Year’s resolution you could make. Yes, I may be a little biased (being in marketing and all), but I honestly cannot stress enough the importance of a good marketing plan. Your new marketing strategy should include everything from video production to graphic design, so here are four tips on how you can conquer your marketing this month.

  1. You’ll need a shiny new marketing strategy.

Tip: Embrace paid social.


Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook make boosting posts through a paid campaign easy. First, paid social amplifies your reach from just those who follow you to those who might not have ever heard of you. This drives new customers to your social media and eventually to your website. Essentially, social media is doing the work for you. There is a huge market on social media, but typically, it’s a market that might be hard to reach. With paid social, these audiences can be reached and engaged with, therefore giving you a handful of new leads.

One of the great things about paid social is that you control how long it’s up for, the locations in which it advertises to, and how much you want to spend. Of course, if you limit your budget and your timeframe, the ad might not be as effective, but is still a great place to grab new leads. After all, even if you’re not gaining new customers, you are definitely increasing traffic and potential leads. 

  1. Work on your branding a little.

Tip: Design for the long term.


Branding connects your company and customers and creates loyal customers if done well. In this sense, you want to mold your branding around who you are and what you do. When I say ‘design for the long-term’ I mean that everything going out on your website, social media, directories, commercials, advertisements, etc. should match your branding. As soon as you stray off brand, you lose that identity you’ve created.

Make sure you design your branding strategy for the long-term to ensure you stick with a concrete plan. It’s also important you create numerous in-brand graphics and designs so that you don’t essentially “run out” of branding material. Also, you don’t want to be too repetitive… people get bored really quickly, especially in today’s digital world.

  1. Explore more video production.

Tip: Obey the rule of thirds.

Video marketing has become increasingly popular as we transition into a completely digital world. In fact, Cisco projected that more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021—which means brands definitely need a video content strategy. In addition to that, 87% of consumers want more video from brands, so catering to this new demographic is a huge opportunity for businesses. 

With that being said, let’s talk ‘rule of thirds’. The rule of thirds states that you should mentally divide the frame (what you see in the viewfinder) into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. What you get from this is like a tic-tac-toe board. When you shoot your video, according to this rule, you should position your subject according to these lines. I mean, it’s all about composition people!!

  1. Wow your customers with elite graphic design.

Tip: Respect the space of other elements.

Graphic Design

Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual? At the end of the day, no one wants to read an advertisement! This is why creating strategic and compelling graphic design will take your marketing to the next level. Be mindful of design elements such as color, line, scale, shape, alignment, contrast, and space as each creates feelings and emotions for the audience.

In graphic design, you want to give your objects and their neighbors a little space to breathe. Overcrowding your designs will make for a chaotic graphic that people just don’t want to look at (to be quite frank with you). The important aspect of respecting space is not overthinking it. You don’t need to add in every single word you have to describe the design. If the design doesn’t showcase what you mean, then maybe you should do something different. Your graphic designs will tell a story… so let them!

Maybe you’re not yet convinced. After all, you’re probably thinking about your return on investment (of course!). Well, speaking of ROI, content marketing produces 3x more leads per dollar and costs 62% less than traditional outbound marketing (SmartBug). In research conducted by HubSpot, it was proven that Inbound marketers double the average site conversion rate, from 6% to 12% total. So, believe me, investing in marketing is worth it.