Social Media Content & Trends: Highlight Reel from 10 Years of Akullian Creative

Rich "Ace" Akullian

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Feb 13, 2024

Countless examples of social media content trends have come-and-gone over the last decade, and our creative agency has capitalized on many to connect with audiences. To celebrate 10 years of creativity we’re looking back on our favorite trends, posts, and viral moments in our monthly series, “The Highlight Reel”.

Here’s 10 creative examples of social media content & trends we loved since 2014.

Gettysburg Flag Works | East Greenbush, NY | 2017

The Mannequin Challenge – Social Media Trend

If hearing the song “Black Beatles” by hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd gives you the urge to stand still — than you’ve likely been a part of “The Mannequin Challenge” that was trending in 2016/2017. The mannequin challenge refers to a viral video trend in which a group of people freeze in positions like mannequins and are filmed. We captured our own content during a shoot with Gettysburg Flag Works.

Where Smiles Grow | Troy, NY | 2018

“Flossing” – Social Media Dance

If you weren’t on social media when “Flossing” became a popular viral trend, you might have been confused if you saw someone doing the dance. This name for the dance move comes from the movements, which involve “a lot of fast arm & hip swings as though using a huge, invisible piece of dental floss. The “Backpack Kid” helped to launch this style and we created the multiple social campaigns for Where Smiles Grow with this content.

Multiple Projects | Global | 2018 – Current

Custom Augmented Reality Filters – Social Media AR

By creating Augmented Reality (AR) filters for many of our clients we’ve been able to develop user generated content. This has been a key part of multiple marketing campaigns & video projects.

University of South Florida | Tampa, Fl | 2020

The Screenshot Game – Social Media Post

We engaged the University of South Florida’s Instagram feed with a simple looping video of their mascot Rocky. We challenged their followers to perform the perfect screenshot that completed the image. It was a real “scroll-stopper”, as you can see from the comments section of the post .

“After 76 attempts I got almost perfect πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚”
“2nd attempt and nailed itπŸ˜‚”.

Akullian Creative | Albany, NY | 2019 to 2021

Multi-Post Profile Grids – Social Media Design

For years at our creative agency we tried to keep the “perfect instagram feed”. This led to us posting 3 / 6 / 9 times in a row to create beautifully (and painstakingly) designed grids. Though we don’t post in this style often anymore, it definitely is a cool aesthetic.

Plates | Global – Virtual | 2020

“Around The Table” – Live Broadcasts on Social

When Plates was launching their community food sharing network we helped them create the web series “Around the Table”. We went “Live” on multiple social platforms to build awareness around their app.

Multiple Projects | Global | 2019 – Current

Custom Giphy Stickers – Animated Gifs

To help create great instagram stories for brands we work with we’ve consistently turned to creating animations for the Giphy Network. By creating short animations with brand assets and adding them to a company’s Giphy channel, we’re able to provide content creators with the tools they need to quickly create stories.

The Anderson Group | Colonie, NY | 2022

“Best on Wolf Road” Video “Man on the Street” Content

Ever since we moved to Wolf Road we’ve been taking advantage of all it has to offer. Our production team went out on Wolf to collect “Man on the Street” video content for use in our annual community marketing campaign with The Anderson Group. Danny “The Manny” Passante aced his role as the host, and our production team added cool custom details to the Microphone and his tie.

Maestro Dental Wellness | Albany, NY | 2023

Random Questions” Video – Social Media Content

When creating content for local brands like Maestro Dental Wellness we’re always looking for creative efficiency. To build connections with their key audiences we’ve utilized the “Random Question” video capture technique. This added “randomness” provides much more candid and personable answers that are easier for the subject and editor.

PEF | Albany, NY – Syracuse, NY | 2023

“Paper Airplane-Bucket Challenge” Social Media Content

For the last few years we’ve helped PEF (New York State Public Employees Federation) produce fun social content with their members at their annual convention. This past year we developed and set up the “Paper Airplane-Bucket Challenge”. Our goal was to enable their diverse range of members to be able to have the same fun experience. We were able to share a new set of videos each day at the conference and they were also able to post the content on social for members who weren’t at the event.

Thank you to all of our clients, creative partners, cast, and crew over the last 10 years. Stay tuned for more highlights to be shared throughout 2024 as we celebrate this milestone in our company’s history, and to see what I had to say about some of the featured highlights check out The Highlight Reel: Episode 102 on Instagram. Stay cool!

The Highlight Reel: Episode 101 on Instagram

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