5 Brands That Are Dominating TikTok

Molly Lamendola

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Molly Lamendola on

Aug 26, 2022

These brands know exactly how to get viewers from the “For You page” to their TikTok page



lock me up b1tches 🤪 🔑 ✈️

♬ original sound – athena

Ryanair has soared to millions of TikTokers’ “For You” pages with videos of planes edited with eyes and mouths participating in the latest trends. With at least one daily post of an aircraft mouthing the words to a popular song or funny video clip, Ryanair has accumulated 1.7 million followers. Their relatable content, clever captions and ability to make fun of the annoying parts of flying gives their viewers a laugh and a reason to click follow.



@daviddobrik is picking 3 people to get their order on our menu +$10K! 👑 Use #ChipotleRoyalty & #contest to enter. NoPurchNec. Rules: chip.tl/royalty

♬ original sound – Chipotle

The Mexican food chain Chipotle is also taking over TikTok with its “Chipotle Challenges” and menu hacks. By partnering with celebrities like the popular YouTuber David Dobrik, Chipotle challenges their viewers to create the best TikTok video showcasing why they are the biggest Chipotle fan, and the winner is rewarded free Chipotle for an entire year. Chipotle’s TikTok page also reposts a lot of other accounts’ videos that relate to their brand, expanding their reach to other potential young fans.



The moment he found out that he would be a big brother. 💙 #ringdoorbell #corememory

♬ Sweet Disposition FeelingBlew – Feelingblew

Ring is a security camera system brand that has taken some of the footage from their customers’ homes and posted it on their TikTok page. From videos of dogs trying to sneak out behind their owners to delivery drivers making funny faces in the camera while they drop off packages, Ring displays the light hearted side of their product while simultaneously showing the perks and importance of investing in one.



That finish is 💯

♬ original sound – Spikeball

The popular game “Spikeball”, which is a cross between volleyball and four square, uses TikTok to show off players’ insane trickshots. Their young buyers are perfect for TikTok’s younger demographics. Simply by showcasing their customer’s skills, Spikeball gets viewers to go outside and try to master some of the tricks!



#behindthescenes #strangerthings #strangerthings4

♬ original sound – Netflix

The popular streaming service Netflix has a TikTok page filled with behind the scenes clips from the shows and movies it offers.The sneak peek of upcoming episodes and the secrets behind their filming and editing processes hooks viewers in and makes them not only want to stalk their TikTok page, but also to go binge their new shows and movies.