4 Easter Eggs You’ll Find in our New Website

Did you catch these details?

Rich "Ace" Akullian

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Rich "Ace" Akullian on

Apr 11, 2020

For anyone that’s ever met me, they know I love detailed stories. I appreciate storytellers who use “Easter eggs” in media and am obsessed with finding out their meanings. Our design team is regularly encouraged to include them whenever possible, and our website is no exception.

If you’ve been on our new site you probably noticed that our designer Anne Lin did an amazing job…you might have also caught one or two of these details we’ve included to help visually tell our brand’s story.  

1) Our Logo’s Background Story

A wise man once told me that “the best logos are the simplest ones.” With that in mind, we worked hard to avoid over-complicating our logo’s design¹ while still weaving in multiple details to tell a deeper story.

Within our company’s full name & logo you can find at least 3 “hidden” meanings:

  • Akullian Creative Enterprises acronym A-C-E is designed into our “a” icon. (It also happens to be my nickname since 5th grade.)
  • The acronym A-C-E is designed to include each letter within our “A” icon by the various parts.
  • Our colors are based on the Armenian flag to pay tribute to my heritage on my Father’s side. Our creative agency was started while he was ill, but he recovered and is doing well!

As you scroll down our new website you’ll also see the single color version of our logo appear within our navigation. This navigation changes for almost every page to give a very custom experience.

2) Personalized Icons

To highlight details in our lives that make our Aces unique, we included personalized icons for each person on our team page. Each person chose 3 icons that displayed differently based on user screen size. Esther (Designer & Illustrator) chose dogs, drawing, and bowling which you can see below.

3) The “Lil Aces”

We love to find new ways to highlight our team and culture. Esther illustrated a character for each member on our team in a really fun style. You’ll see them in various places throughout the website and they might pop up more in our future social marketing.

If you look close enough, each “Lil Ace” has our icon designed into their outfit.

4) The “RickRoll” Click

For anyone who has ever mistakenly called me “Rick” repeatedly, this one’s for you. For no real good reason, if you click on the wrong link on our site you’ll be escorted to the land of “RickRoll.”

We promise we tried to put this in a place that our true friends would never end up suffering Rick Atsley’s voice getting stuck in their head. P.S. That’s a hint to where you can find this link.

Go on an Easter egg hunt!

If you haven’t already, we invite you to take a full tour of our new website. We hope you enjoy the animations & experience as you explore.

Have cool use cases of Easter eggs in media to share? Holla at us!

¹ Special thanks to deevoted for building our logo and first website back in 2016!