Cure your Fernweh.

Every great brand begins with a great passion. That was the case with The Wright Way, a travel content site with the to aim to build a community of travelers to inspire those who don't...yet. What started with a last name and an idea, has now developed into a comprehensive blog platform with multiple "wrighters", along with a clothing store and a custom Lightroom preset shop. With the tools at Akullian Creative, we were able to create a custom logo, build a website that best suited the brand image, and design elements that were able to be spread across The Wright Way's social mediums.

Got Wanderlust?

Whether you’re taking a road trip across New York State, or backpacking through Southeast Asia, The Wright Way will help you travel, well… the right way.

Countries explored.

"These designs are so cute! These really are the perfect travel accessories!" -Meghan Largo

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