Top 5 April Fool’s Day Pranks & Marketing Done By Companies

Take a look at the best April Fool’s Day pranks in the corporate world!

Sydney Wright

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Sydney Wright on

Apr 1, 2020

In a world where corporate America is ruled by data and strategy, there’s one day a year that turns business into funny business – April Fool’s Day! See how companies use this holiday to their advantage, bringing awareness to their company, encouraging positive behavior, reaffirming their brand identity… and hey, maybe even go viral.

1) She Shed by Life Storage Inc.

Do you ever feel like moms have been missing their version of a man cave (no, the kitchen does not count) away from home? That’s why Life Storage Inc. came up with the “She Shed”, a fully furnished storage unit with all the comforts of home – without the kids and husband. Just kidding! This April Fool’s prank was a brilliant way to capture attention and bring brand recognition to their company. In order to bring their vision to life, they created a well-produced video along with an aesthetically pleasing webpage that aligned with the company’s brand guide to trick their web visitors. They ultimately admitted the truth behind the concept when any buttons were clicked on the page. 

As this prank resonated with women all over the country, it saw a large trend on social media, bringing this Buffalo, NY business to the national stage. 

2) Soda Stream’s “Nano Drop” 

Nano Drop by Soda Stream was by far the most elaborate prank we’ve seen so far. With extremely well planned content, Soda Stream used Influencer marketing (Paris Hilton endorsed the message leading up to April Fool’s day and starred in the announcement video), a facebook page, and custom website to bring this prank to the main stage. Although this prank may seem a bit extravagant, it was a great way to highlights the company’s incentive to minimize plastic waste along with bring major attention to their brand. 

3) Height Verification by Tinder

Nervous his 6’2” is more like 5’9”? Don’t worry, Tinder is now adding “height verification” to their platform. April fools! While this feature was hacked up to a holiday gag, it was a clever way to encourage honesty on the app. 

However, it’s always important to consider every audience while working in marketing. According to the Daily Dot, not everyone found this joke amusing. Many men across social media platforms accused Tinder of “height shaming”, proving the pitfalls of engaging a controversial prank.

4) Author Delivery Service by Amazon

Although a little too “out there” to truly fool anyone, Amazon’s “Author Delivery” video played lightheartedly to the idea that Amazon can deliver anything you can imagine in a small window of time. This new feature brings not only your favorite books to your door, but also the author that wrote them almost instantly. While this prank may seem a tad weak on tricking viewers, it was a great way to avoid any negative misconceptions about the company (remember Elon Musk’s prank announcement that Tesla had gone bankrupt, causing their shares to drop by 5%? Yeah, avoid that.), while still highlighting what they’re great at – providing the world with what they want in a short amount of time.  

5) Taco Bell buys The Liberty Bell

And how could anyone forget about when Taco Bell convinced America that they purchased the Liberty Bell in 1996? In a land before social media, Taco Bell printed the news in the form of full page spreads in seven major newspapers, claiming that they had purchased and renamed The Liberty Bell to “The Taco Liberty Bell.” 

According to the Philly Voice, this prank proved to be a major success for Taco Bell. While the ads cost $300,000 to distribute, their sales increased by double that number by April 2nd, and the company ultimately claims that they made nearly $25 million from the advertisements.

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